First, before being advised on the best shopping cart software, you would like to know what a virtual shopping cart really is. The virtual shopping system is the heart of the e-commerce system. The shopping cart takes the customer's order and his payment information. It also keeps track of customer purchases throughout his course and changes the quantities for each reference.

According to a recent study, the dropout rate of an online shopping cart by customers is on average 69%, a staggering figure. Providing customers with a shopping cart that is easy to navigate, safe and hassle-free is an essential part of selling online. Not only are payment difficulties discouraging customers from buying, it also leads them to question the safety of the entire process. If the customer begins to doubt during the purchase process it usually means that the sale will not happen.

So why do so many customers drop out during online shopping and what can sellers do to address this problem?

The main reasons for abandoning of a shopping cart are as follows:

  • the frustration of a very slow payment process
  • additional shipping cost and taxes
  • lack of payment options
  • security and personal information security issues

To solve this problem, there are ecommerce platforms all inclusive. So more and more the shopping carts are incorporated into tools that offer complete online store options like Magento, WooCommerce, and so on.

Magento is a feature-rich open source software that gives ecommerceers control over page design, features and user experience. With shopping cart features for medium to large sized stores, Magento uses the latest web technologies to deliver customer management, enhanced shopping experience on a mobile device, the integration of a point of sale, the creation of catalogs and a wealth of information and promotional tools. Its advantages :

- Easy access to inventory and an online catalog.
- The software recognizes customer data and captures order history.

This software is recommended for companies already established, companies with large product lines and in-store personnel.