It is always difficult to recruit a contract web developer. However, there's no shortage of choice. By typing "freelance web developer" into Google, you'll find many links from matchmaking platforms or freelance showcase sites. Yes, but now, once you are spoiled for choice, it isn't easy to spot the proper person. We gathered the simplest practices on the topic by crossing different sources, and by interviewing our partner agencies.

How does one find a “good” freelance web developer?

Now let's advance to the “how” question. You’ve got decided to recruit a contract web developer, but you're now trying to find the way to recruit one that best meets your needs and your expectations.

Use the proper freelance platforms

Here are some inquiries to ask yourself to successfully write an outline of your project and attract the proper freelancers:

  • What's the problem that pushes you to rent a contract developer?
  • What is the goal of the project? Why are you chasing him now?
  • What solutions have you ever considered?
  • What are the results of the matter in question on your bottom line?
  • How much wouldn't it cost you to not resolve this problem?

In describing your problem and your project to the php company, be neither too vague nor too specific.

Does this profile exist?

This question should be asked since some companies still have a nasty habit of trying to find the rare pearl that can do absolutely everything. We still observe on some recruitment portals and other platforms, the work titles... Some companies sometimes have the fault of wanting a profile which will do everything, and alone.

What other similar offers are there in my area?

Carrying out a quick watch on offers of an equivalent type isn't useless, far away from it. You’ll be ready to observe the key points of every offer, the compensation levels offered, or the benefits specific to the offer. These are all decisive points which will allow you to face out from the competition the maximum amount as possible.