Currently community management still known as sustainable development is one of the social networks. Large gatherings of community and business on the web are done several times each year. So you want to boost your community management? Be diligent at the community gathering and trust the specialized teams.

Vertically agency is your solution

Vertically is an agency that offers the opportunity to join the audiences that arise from crowdcultures. You can have a conversation about your community management project with their ambassadors or you can simply visit their website. Verticaly is the first artist agency for crowd-cultures. You will work with a happy and multidisciplinary team. Vertically develops its platform by simultaneously using storytelling, Brand content, data to improve its platform. The agency associates quantity with quality. This new performance will make it possible to create data made between the audiences of the artists and the audiences of those who are attracted by the brands. The agency often organizes meetings during an evening. The last evening was organized in Paris in a rooftop giving a superb view of the Eiffel Tower. This meeting allowed artists and community actors to discuss their projects and make exchanges for more professionalism.

Benefits of the highest quality

The Vertically agency organizes campaign management that will allow you to create and modify them. You will also be able to follow the progress of your campaigns in permanence. Then you can export them to your colleagues and partners. It is also possible to select the influencers of your choice such as age, civility, country, crowd-culture category for your campaign according to the algorithms of the agency. With their influencer matchings you can select your favorite influencers so you can find them with greater ease. Their graphical interfaces will allow you to have an overview of your companion with the posts that are linked to it. At a glance you will have the opportunity to analyze the performance of your campaign and if it really matches your expectations.