Nowadays everything is done on the Internet, commerce, sales, contracts, payments, even studies. Thanks to all these activities, the net has since created very good jobs, which the young and the not so young people knew very quickly to adopt. These professions are very varied and there are even trainings that teach these specialties but especially that create new professionals of the web. Here are some examples of very trendy profession in the web domain

The great web family

Among the most famous professions of Internet, there are first those who are the job of web developer and programmers. These are very useful because they are used to create a basic site. Next with these developers, there are also web designers and web architects, these are mainly specialized in the design of website. But there is also, the management of CRM, databases and web applications, then there are referrers who deal with SEO, specialists in web marketing and digital visual. These trades still give sub-types of consultants and specialists but in general they are the most widespread. Generally professionals in these fields work in a web agency or a web development company or in a digital design agency. It should be noted that each of these professions are very useful in the world of Internet and it is impossible to pass over their service for successful web projects.

Diverse and dynamic professions

With these professions cited below, there are also jobs that are at least very specialist and very new. Currently in the air of Web 2.0, the position of Community Manager on websites are very sought after by IT specialists. But there are also web product managers, media animators, web analytics consultants and so on. This second group of jobs generally corresponds to a responsibility in a specialized department of a company and these experts may not work for agencies except for specialized establishments.