PHP is a good programming language for beginners, because it is easy to learn and very quickly, the results become visible. PHP The course has been developed over the years to support the training; the choice of platform is important.

Learn PHP for beginners

Compared to other programming languages, PHP easier starting for beginners, where PHP is easy to learn. However, complex applications and a filigree programming are possible, which is interesting for advanced. If necessary, procedural programming can be replaced by object-oriented programming with PHP. Knowledge of PHP introduction is necessary, it is not useless. When learning PHP, e-book to learn offline, the forum and the many videos on DVD are to find.

Learning PHP is not for the "cat"

There are many programming languages. Some come, some go, some stay, but one of them is PHP, which is particularly important in the context of web applications. PHP is constantly evolving and now offers modern language concepts. The universal usability, good support databases and the availability of many systems speak for frequent use. The multi-user operation and networking are very easy to implement with such an application. The php programmer current is running on the server; user access is via the network.

The best sites to learn PHP

It has several tracks in sight, but our first selection appears the General Assembly offers courses in Web development full time, part time, online or offline. And then passing on the Codeschool forms both experienced developers and beginners. Simplyphp is one of the pioneers of blended learning. It provides a flexible way to learn online with personalized tutorials. Support is also available 24/24 by mentors and students to answer their questions and problems. Codecademy offers free programming lessons on six different programming languages.

The list also contains names, but it is for you to determine your convenience. Do not just forget that PHP is a language that requires a lot of personal work.